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The Classic Table is sturdy and attractive unit that is suitable for indoor, patio or full outdoor use. The standard table has legs with a slight taper but the legs can equally be made straight (with no taper) if a slightly ‘chunkier’ look is required. The Classic Chair and Armchair complement the Classic Table perfectly. The Franschhoek Chair works equally well – as do all the other chair styles in the range.

The Classic Dining Table is available in 8 standard size options and can also be made to required size. Non-standard sizes are quoted for separately and the wood can be left raw, oiled with Danish oil (clear, white, grey or dark tint) or finished with Rubbol.

Standard dimensions:

  • small 4 seater – 850 x 850mm
  • standard 4 seater – 1000 x 1000mm
  • small 6 seater – 1500 x 800mm
  • standard 6 seater – 1800 x 900mm
  • small 8 seater – 2100 x 1000mm
  • standard 8 seater – 2400 x 1100mm
  • 10 seater – 3000 x 1100mm
  • 12 seater – 3600 x 1200mm



850 x 850mm, 1000 x 1000mm, 1500 x 800mm, 1800 x 900mm, 2100 x 1000mm, 2400 x 1100mm, 3000 x 1100mm, 3600 x 1200mm

Oil Finish

Charcoal Oil Finish, Clear Oil Finish, French Grey Oil Finish, French White Oil Finish

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