Huguenot Swing Bench.



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Huguenot Swing Bench.

Most of the benches in the Benchmark range can be converted into Swing Benches. The Huguenot 1.8 meter is the standard swing bench option and the supporting structure can be of the A-frame or trellis variety. The bench can also be made to a depth of 90cm and is then a daybed size and can be fitted with a comfortable mattress in your fabric of choice.

The wood can be left raw to weather to an attractive silver-grey tone. The wood can also be oiled with Danish oil which we have available in clear form or with a white, grey or dark brown tint. Spray-painting in white or colour of choice is also a finish option.



Fabric Colour

HOME-1039-15, HOME-1040-24, HOME-1041-14, HOME-1042-79, HOME-1046-93, HOME-11, HOME-14-15, HOME-15, HOME-17-15, HOME-21-15, HOME-24, HOME-426-15, HOME-52-15, HOME-62-15, HOME-700-15, HOME-75, HOME-79-15, HOME-85, HOME-87-15, HOME-92, HOME-926, HOME-929, HOME-94-15, HOME-97, HOME-SAND-1047-24, HOME-SAND-1047-92, HOME-SAND-1047-929, HOME-SAND-1048-97, HOME-SAND-1049-92, HOME-SAND-1049-929, POSITANO-1037-14, POSITANO-1037-15, POSITANO-1037-24, POSITANO-1037-926, POSITANO-1037-97

Oil Finish

Charcoal Oil Finish, Clear Oil Finish, French Grey Oil Finish, French White Oil Finish